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International Stage Management Day #StageMgrs14


Last year saw the first ever Stage Management Day, a day for Stage Managers everywhere to share their work and ideas and for the public to find out more about how those of us who dabble in the dark “behind the scenes” arts contribute to productions of all types.

We, the Stage Management Association UK, asked Stage Managers to make the day their own and, true to form, the Stage Managers of the world responded by showing just how creative they are.


With many sharing their working day on social media, not only did last year’s hashtag #stagemgrs13 trend in London, but the number crunching shows that it was seen by up to 1.6 million people. From Australia waking up to California going to bed, Stage Management Day became a truly international event.

October 10th 2014


This year’s Stage Management Day is, once again, on October 10th and our new hashtag is #StageMgrs14. And again, we ask you to mark the day in the way that most interests you and to share on social media.

Here are some of the ways Stage Managers marked the day last year…

Looking Back At #StageMgrs13


Behind the scenes tweets poured in, from the worlds of Opera, Ballet and Theatre…



Some shows even got into job swaps (with the blessing of their producers, of course)…


Drama schools were also at the heart of the day…

Some people contributed blogs…

Others programme slipped…

Those without shows met up for networking drinks in London, Bristol and Cardiff…

And there was cake. So much cake. Some of it raising funds for theatrical charities, such as The Theatrical Guild.

Stage Management Day is also a day to look at the more serious issues affecting our work, and we were very grateful to Equity for their support of the day…

And we were also grateful for the support of other professions we work alongside…

Need more ideas? There are far more tweets, photos and blogs to look through, and more prompt desks than you can shake a cuelight at… here in our Storify.

Looking Forward to #StageMgrs14

When you’ve finished looking back, start looking forward and help us pull off an even better International Stage Management Day. 


  • Use Twitter and Facebook to show us what you do (we are @smassoc on Twitter)
  • Use our hashtag #StageMgrs14 (we don’t use SMDay as this stands for Social Media Day)
  • Get permission from your producers for show or company related activities and tweets
  • Let us know what networking events you are planning and we will help publicise
  • Have an amazing day. It’s all yours.

Signing off with Martin…


The Stage Management Association 
Supporting Excellence in Performance


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